Palmitoylation of GAP-43 by the ER-Golgi intermediate compartment and Golgi apparatus.


Palmitoylation of the neuronal plasticity protein GAP-43 has previously been shown to occur at the plasma membrane, but the site of initial palmitoylation has not been identified. To identify this organelle we have incubated GAP-43 with various subcellular fractions and have analyzed palmitoylation by the Triton X-114 partitioning method. In vitro-translated [(35)S]methionine-labeled GAP-43 was incubated with plasma membrane, nuclei, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus and a rough microsome preparation that contained the ER-Golgi intermediate compartment (ERGIC), but not plasma membrane or Golgi apparatus. GAP-43 partitioned into Triton X-114 in the presence of plasma membrane, Golgi, and ERGIC membranes, but not nuclei or mitochondria. Partitioning caused by the ERGIC was blocked by pretreatment of the membranes with the palmitoylation inhibitors dithiothreitol, tunicamycin, and low temperature, and by treatment of GAP-43 with iodoacetamide. The time course of partitioning agreed closely with the time course of incorporation of radioactive palmitate into proteins as reported previously. Because the ERGIC has a broad distribution in the cell, our results provide evidence that the ERGIC is the initial site of GAP-43 palmitoylation.

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