Palmitate uptake by hepatocyte monolayers. Effect of albumin binding.

  title={Palmitate uptake by hepatocyte monolayers. Effect of albumin binding.},
  author={A. Fleischer and W. O. Shurmantine and B. Luxon and E. L. Forker},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={77 3},
The uptake of 14C-palmitate by rat liver cell monolayers is depressed by binding of the fatty acid to albumin. When the uptake flux is divided by the concentration of free palmitate in the bathing medium, however, the resulting clearance is approximately 14 times greater in the presence of albumin than in its absence. These findings are not accounted for by the different diffusion rates of free and bound palmitate across an unstirred fluid layer, nor attributable to nonequilibrium binding… Expand
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