Palmitate uptake by cultured hepatocytes: albumin binding and stagnant layer phenomena.

  title={Palmitate uptake by cultured hepatocytes: albumin binding and stagnant layer phenomena.},
  author={F. Burczynski and Z. Cai and J. B. Moran and E. L. Forker},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={257 4 Pt 1},
We compared uptake of palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers with uptake by polyethylene membranes under conditions of identical binding and stirring. Hepatocytes and polyethylene display similar clearances when the fatty acid is free, reflecting partial rate limitation by diffusion across the unstirred water layer. When palmitate is 99.8% bound to albumin, however, hepatocytes clear free fatty acid about seven times faster than does polyethylene. We analyzed the uptake of palmitate by polyethylene… Expand
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