Palm-3000: Exoplanet Adaptive Optics for the 5-meter Hale Telescope


We describe and report first results from PALM-3000, the second-generation astronomical adaptive optics facility for the 5.1-m Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory. PALM-3000 has been engineered for high-contrast imaging and emission spectroscopy of brown dwarfs and large planetary mass bodies at near-infrared wavelengths around bright stars, but also supports general natural guide star use to V ≈ 17. Using its unique 66 × 66 actuator deformable mirror, PALM-3000 has thus far demonstrated residual wavefront errors of 141 nm RMS under ∼1 seeing conditions. PALM-3000 can provide phase conjugation correction over a 6. 4 × 6. 4 working region at λ = 2.2 μm, or full electric field (amplitude and phase) correction over approximately one half of this field. With optimized back-end instrumentation, PALM-3000 is designed to enable 10 contrast at 1 angular separation, including post-observation speckle suppression processing. While optimization of the adaptive optics system is ongoing, we have already successfully commissioned five back-end instruments and begun a major exoplanet characterization survey, Project 1640, with our partners at American Museum of Natural History and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Subject headings: instrumentation: adaptive optics—planets and satellites: detection—techniques: high angular resolution—techniques: imaging spectroscopy—atmospheric effects— minor planets, asteroids: individual (Ganymede)

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