Palladium-catalyzed reactions of cyclohexadienones: regioselective cyclizations triggered by alkyne acetoxylation.

  title={Palladium-catalyzed reactions of cyclohexadienones: regioselective cyclizations triggered by alkyne acetoxylation.},
  author={Rodolfo Tello-Aburto and Andrew M Harned},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={11 17},
Regioselective cyclizations of alkyne-tethered cyclohexadienones can be accomplished under palladium catalysis. The cyclization involves an initial Pd-mediated acetoxylation of the alkyne, followed by migratory insertion and protonolysis of the resulting palladium enolate. The predictable regioselectivity of these atom-economical and stereoselective reactions is influenced by developing steric interactions during migratory insertion of a vinyl palladium intermediate. 
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