Palladium‐catalyzed phosphonation of SEBS block copolymer

  title={Palladium‐catalyzed phosphonation of SEBS block copolymer},
  author={Surya Subianto and Namita Roy Choudhury and Naba K Dutta},
Phosphonic acid-bearing styrene–ethylene/butylene–styrene (SEBS) block copolymer was synthesized by bromination and subsequent palladium-catalyzed phosphonation of SEBS. The phosphonated block copolymer was characterized by spectroscopic, thermal, and conductivity measurements. The new polymer shows good ion-exchange capacity of ∼0.7 meq/g and proton conductivity of around 2–4 mS/cm (at room temperature and 100% relative humidity) which is in good agreement with literature value of other… CONTINUE READING