Paliperidone palmitate: effectiveness, safety, and the use for treatment of schizophrenia.

  title={Paliperidone palmitate: effectiveness, safety, and the use for treatment of schizophrenia.},
  author={Marek Jarema and Przemysław Bienkowski and Janusz Heitzman and Tadeusz Parnowski and Janusz K Rybakowski},
  journal={Psychiatria polska},
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The aim of the study was to summarize the efficacy and tolerability of paliperidone palmitate, an atypical long-acting antipsychotic drug. Paliperidone is a 9-hydroxy metabolite of risperidone with a slightly different receptor profile and significantly different pharmacokinetic profile. After the short review of its pharmacological properties, the efficacy of the drug in comparison to placebo or to an active comparator was described. The studies revealed the effectiveness of paliperidone… Expand
The preclinical discovery and development of paliperidone for the treatment of schizophrenia
This review article provides details regarding paliperidone’s pharmacological and neurochemical mechanisms, and their contribution to therapeutic benefits and adverse effects, based on the available literature with respect to the preclinical and clinical findings and product labels. Expand
The Impact of Paliperidone Palmitate on Hospitalization in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Retrospective Mirror-image Study
  • So-young Oh, D. Jon, +4 authors M. Jung
  • Medicine
  • Clinical psychopharmacology and neuroscience : the official scientific journal of the Korean College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • 2019
The results indicate that initiating PP reduced the mean numbers of hospital admissions and bed days compared with prior oral medication, and may thus be cost effective in practice; its use bringing about cost reductions greater than its purchase cost. Expand
Two in one: simultaneous use of two long-acting antipsychotics in schizophrenia
Sparse available data did not allow us to conclude that the simultaneous use of two long-acting antipsychotic agents significantly improves the outcome of pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia. Expand
Paliperidone palmitate-induced facial angioedema: A case report
This case report presents a case report of paliperidone palmitate-induced angioedema with a relatively mild clinical presentation compared with the previously reported case, and the patient’s condition was not complicated by life-threatening anaphylaxis. Expand
Financing of forensic psychiatry in view of treatment quality and threat to public safety.
The possible meaning and results of the attempts to economize forensic psychiatry, to find savings and to manipulate financing system under the pretence of economic incentive to improve treatment quality are analyzed. Expand
The Clinicopathologic Evaluation of Eosinophilic Cholecystitis: A Retrospective Observational Study in a Tertiary Care Center
Background: Eosinophilic cholecystitis (EC) is a rare form of cholecystitis that is diagnosed histopathologically. The aim of this study to evaluate the patient demographic features, laboratoryExpand


Paliperidone palmitate injection: Its efficacy, safety and tolerability in schizophrenia.
Intramuscular paliperidone palmitate was significantly more effective than placebo in delaying the time to first relapse in stable schizophrenia patients, and was shown to be well tolerated. Expand
Paliperidone for schizophrenia.
  • C. Dolder, Michael H Nelson, Z. Deyo
  • Medicine
  • American journal of health-system pharmacy : AJHP : official journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • 2008
Paliperidone does not offer any clear advantage over other atypical antipsychotics with a similar receptor-binding profile, such as risperidone and ziprasidone. Expand
Paliperidone palmitate versus oral antipsychotics in recently diagnosed schizophrenia
The observed time to relapse superiority of paliperidone palmitate over oral antipsychotics provides further evidence for the value of long-acting injectable antipsychotic therapies in the treatment of schizophrenia, including during the early stages of illness. Expand
Paliperidone Extended Release
Although additional active comparator trials would be of interest, paliperidone ER is a useful option in the treatment and prevention of the acute symptoms of schizophrenia and may also be of use in patients with non-acute disease, including those previously unsuccessfully treated with other oral antipsychotics. Expand
Paliperidone palmitate for schizophrenia.
It was found that people who received paliperidone palmitate were less likely to experience a recurrence of psychotic symptoms than those allocated to placebo in a single trial specifically designed to study recurrence. Expand
Intramuscular long-acting paliperidone palmitate in acute patients with schizophrenia unsuccessfully treated with oral antipsychotics
PP was associated with significant improvements across secondary measures of symptom severity, subjective well-being, medication satisfaction, illness-related disorders of activity and participation, and patient functioning, and generally well tolerated. Expand
Cost Effectiveness of Paliperidone Palmitate for the Treatment of Schizophrenia in Germany
Compared with all other treatment strategies, PLAI is more effective with regard to gained QALYs and avoided relapses but results in higher treatment costs over a 5-year horizon in base-case scenario. Expand
Effectiveness of paliperidone palmitate vs haloperidol decanoate for maintenance treatment of schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial.
In adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, use of paliperidone palmitate vs haloperidol decanoate did not result in a statistically significant difference in efficacy failure, but was associated with more weight gain and greater increases in serum prolactin, whereas haloperido decanoates was associatedWith more akathisia. Expand
Clinical pharmacology of paliperidone palmitate a parenteral long-acting formulation for the treatment of schizophrenia.
Current studies for clinical efficacy of paliperidone palmitate for both acute and maintenance treatment and adherence in adults with schizophrenia are discussed and studies for safety and tolerability are reviewed. Expand
Efficacy and tolerability of paliperidone ER in patients with unsatisfactorily controlled schizophrenia by other antipsychotics: a flexible-dose approach
Paliperidone ER has proved to be efficacious, safe, and well tolerated also with this approach more closely resembling actual clinical practice, which is crucial for treatment adherence in clinical practice. Expand