Palestinian Women’s Activism

  title={Palestinian Women’s Activism},
  author={Islah Jad},
  • I. Jad
  • Published 15 November 2018
  • Political Science

Curating Sovereignty in Palestine: Voluntary Grassroots Organizations and Civil Society in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

This article extends the literature on “ngo-ization” in the Middle East and Global South to examine “voluntary grassroots organizations” (vgo s): groups that operate on a voluntary basis and

Introduction: Hunger Strike in the Historical Context of Colonised Palestine

  • Ashjan Ajour
  • Reclaiming Humanity in Palestinian Hunger Strikes
  • 2021

Fighting all demons: feminist voices on popular protests in Lebanon and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

ABSTRACT For generations, feminists in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have fought all types of oppression and discrimination. Joining and leading popular protests of the last decade or so in

Online tie and content management and changing religious identity among Muslim Arab women in Israel

This study investigates the central dilemmas and changes in social media use among people whose religious identity is in flux, with an emphasis on backstage processes of decision making. Drawing on...


  • Women and the Holy City
  • 2020


  • Women and the Holy City
  • 2020

Women for the Temple and the (In)Divisibility of Temple Mount

  • Physics
    Women and the Holy City
  • 2020


  • Women and the Holy City
  • 2020