Paleofloods and historical floods of the Ardèche River, France: FLOODS OF THE ARDÈCHE RIVER, FRANCE

  title={Paleofloods and historical floods of the Ard{\`e}che River, France: FLOODS OF THE ARD{\`E}CHE RIVER, FRANCE},
  author={Nathan A. Sheffer and Yehouda Enzel and Gerardo Mellado Benito and Tamir Grodek and N. Poart and Michel Lang and Robin Naulet and Denis Cœur},
[1] Better understanding of flood occurrences and long-term, floodplain planning, and flood risk assessment is achieved by integration of gauged, historical, and paleoflood data. The Ardeche River is ideal for this historical flood-paleoflood study because its historical flood levels record dates back as early as A.D. 587 and useful data date back to A.D. 1522, its systematic gauging record is over 100 years long, and the geologic and geomorphic settings are optimal for paleoflood studies… CONTINUE READING

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