Paleoclimatic interpretation of the Elk Lake pollen record

  title={Paleoclimatic interpretation of the Elk Lake pollen record},
  author={Patrick J. Bartlein and Cathy Whitlock},
The pollen record from Elk Lake is interpreted in climatic terms by three different numerical approaches. The paleoclimatic record inferred for Elk Lake can be described as a sequence of climatic zones, separated by short transitional intervals: (1) the cold and dry late glacial zone (11,600-11,000 varve yr), (2) the cool and moist early Holocene zone (10,000-8500 varve yr), (3) the warm and dry middle Holocene zone (7800-4500 varve yr), and (4) the warm and moist late Holocene zone (3500 varve… CONTINUE READING

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