Paleobotanical studies inFagaceae of the European Tertiary

  title={Paleobotanical studies inFagaceae of the European Tertiary},
  author={Zlatko Kvacek and Hansjoachim Walther},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
A systematic reassessment of megafossil records ofFagaceae in Central Europe has been undertaken on the basis of leaf cuticular characters. The oldest representatives date back to the Eocene:Quercus subhercynica spec. nova,Dryophyllum furcinerve (Rossm.)Schmalh.,Trigonobalanopsis rhamnoides (Rossm.) gen. & comb. nov. In the Oligocene other members of extant genera appear:Quercus rhenana (Weyl. & Kilpp.)Knobloch & Kvaček,Fagus attenuata Goepp.,Lithocarpus saxonicus spec. nova. In the Neogene… CONTINUE READING