Paleo-Eskimo mtDNA genome reveals matrilineal discontinuity in Greenland.

  title={Paleo-Eskimo mtDNA genome reveals matrilineal discontinuity in Greenland.},
  author={Marcus Thomas Pius Gilbert and Toomas Kivisild and Bjarne Gr\onnow and Pernille V. K. Andersen and Ene Metspalu and Maere Reidla and Erika Tamm and Erik Axelsson and Anders G{\"o}therstr{\"o}m and Paula F. Campos and Morten Lund Rasmussen and Mait Metspalu and Thomas Higham and Jean-Luc Schwenninger and Roger Nathan and Cees-Jan de Hoog and Anders Koch and Lone Nukaaraq M\oller and Claus Andreasen and Morten Meldgaard and Richard Villems and Christian Bendixen and Eske Willerslev},
  volume={320 5884},
The Paleo-Eskimo Saqqaq and Independence I cultures, documented from archaeological remains in Northern Canada and Greenland, represent the earliest human expansion into the New World's northern extremes. However, their origin and genetic relationship to later cultures are unknown. We sequenced a mitochondrial genome from a Paleo-Eskimo human by using 3400-to 4500-year-old frozen hair excavated from an early Greenlandic Saqqaq settlement. The sample is distinct from modern Native Americans and… CONTINUE READING

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