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Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

  title={Palazzo Massimo alle Terme},
  author={Adriano La Regina and Museo nazionale romano},
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Columbarium Tombs and Collective Identity in Augustan Rome

1. Studying columbaria as a historical phenomenon 2. Tradition and innovation in the architectural design of columbaria 3. Making and breaking the rules: the use and evolution of columbaria 4.


  • M. Bradley
  • Papers of the British School at Rome
  • 2011
This article explores the significance of sculptural and painted representations of ‘overweight’ and ‘underweight’ body types in the visual culture of Roman Italy from the fourth century bc through

Revisiting the pediment of the Palatine metroön: a Vergilian interpretation1

  • R. Bell
  • Art
    Papers of the British School at Rome
  • 2009
In questo articolo viene riesaminato il frontone del tempio augusteo della Magna Mater sul Palatino. Vengono anche presi in considerazione argomenti a favore del riferimento al sellistemium, e alle

Searching for Paradise: Landscape, Utopia, and Rome

This paper is an investigation of utopian landscapes in Roman art and texts. It argues for "utopia" as an historically contingent idea, which is not dependant upon the construction of a total system