Palatal myoclonus: report of two cases.

  title={Palatal myoclonus: report of two cases.},
  author={Giorgio Fabiani and H{\'e}lio A G Teive and Daniel S{\'a} and C K Kay and Rosana Herminia Scola and Martina Martins and Lineu Cesar Werneck},
  journal={Arquivos de neuro-psiquiatria},
  volume={58 3B},
We describe two cases of palatal myoclonus (PM), one essential and another secondary to a stroke. Case 1: a 64 years old female who developed clicking sounds in both ears after a stroke and three years later on noticed a progressive involuntary movement of the throat associated with rhythmic contractions of the soft palate, muscles of tongue and throat. MRI showed an ischemic area in brainstem. The patient had a partial response to the use of sumatriptan 6 mg subcutaneously. Case 2: a 66 years… CONTINUE READING


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