Palatable and Bio-Functional Wheat/Rice Products Developed from Pre-Germinated Brown Rice of Super-Hard Cultivar EM10

  title={Palatable and Bio-Functional Wheat/Rice Products Developed from Pre-Germinated Brown Rice of Super-Hard Cultivar EM10},
  author={Sumiko Nakamura and H. Satoh and K. Ohtsubo},
  journal={Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry},
  pages={1164 - 1172}
It became possible to produce high-quality and bio-functional wheat/rice bread and wheat/rice noodles by blending, pre-germinated and cooked brown rice of a super-hard cultivar with wheat flour. Super-hard rice (SHR) is not suitable for table rice because of its low palatability. Nevertheless, it was found to be suitable as a blending material for bread-making or noodle-making due to its hard texture and high content of resistant starch. We developed a novel rapid germination method to improve… Expand
Improved Palatability and Bio-Functionality of Super-Hard Rice by Soaking in a Barley-Koji Miso Suspension
Palatable and bio-functional ae rice could be produced by cooking after soaking in a 5% barley-koji miso suspension, and were fortified with polyphenols and isoflavones. Expand
Functional properties, antioxidant activities and storage stability of cookies from germinated brown rice and rice-potato starch composite flour.
Cookies are convenient food for people of all ages. Consumers' interest for gluten free cookies is increasing recently due to awareness on gluten allergy. This study evaluated the functionalExpand
Effect of Rice Flour with Different Characteristics on Textural Properties of Heat-Induced Fish Meat Gels from Walleye Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) without Preheating
We investigated the effects of 22 kinds of rice flours with different characteristics on the textural properties and whiteness of heat-induced fish meat gel without preheating. Amylose (AM), setbackExpand
Characteristics of pregelatinized ae mutant rice flours prepared by boiling after preroasting.
These ae mutants were found to be suitable materials for rice/fruit or rice/vegetable products to serve as palatable, low-glucose, and high resistant starch rice products. Expand
Towards improving the nutrition and health of the aged: the role of sprouted grains and encapsulation of bioactive compounds in functional bread – a review
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Acceleration of Germination of Super-Hard Rice Cultivar EM10 by Soaking with Red Onion
After germination with red onion for 16 h at 35 °C, super-hard rice EM10 showed a higher germination ratio, and it contained more GABA, glucose, and glucose than that soaked without onion. Expand
Effects of super-hard rice bread blended with black rice bran on amyloid β peptide production and abrupt increase in postprandial blood glucose levels in mice
Super-hard rice bread blended with black rice bran shows promise for inhibiting not only amyloid β production, but also abrupt increases in postprandial BGLs. Expand
Development and characterization of a new rice cultivar, ‘Chikushi-kona 85’, derived from a starch-branching enzyme IIb-deficient mutant line
Results show that ‘Chikushi-kona 85’ is a novel genetic source to develop new products made of rice, which could reduce calorie intake and contribute to additional health benefits. Expand
Control of amylase and protease activities in a phytase preparation by ampholyte-free preparative isoelectric focusing for unrefined cereal-containing bread
Abstract Direct addition of a food additive-grade Aspergillus niger phytase preparation to 30% brown rice flour-added bread ingredients reduced the bread myo-inositol hexaphosphate (IP 6 ) content.Expand
Development of formulae for estimating amylose content, amylopectin chain length distribution, and resistant starch content based on the iodine absorption curve of rice starch
The novel estimation formulae for amylose, resistant starch contents, and amylopectin fractions based upon analyses of the iodine absorption curve are developed and would lead to the improved method for estimating starch properties using an easy and rapid iodine colorimetric method. Expand


Bio-functional components in the processed pre-germinated brown rice by a twin-screw extruder
Abstract Development of a novel foodstuff from pre-germinated brown rice by a twin-screw extruder was investigated. The characteristics of the components of the materials and the products are asExpand
Characteristics of bread prepared from wheat flours blended with various kinds of newly developed rice flours.
The novel wheat/rice bread, of which loaf volume, physical properties, and tastes are acceptable and resistant to firming on even 4 d after the bread preparation, is developed. Expand
Application of Pregerminated Brown Rice for Breadmaking
ABSTRACT Pregerminated brown rice (PGBR) prepared by immersing in water was used for breadmaking, and effects on the dough properties and bread qualities were studied to compare with the ungerminatedExpand
Effects of yeast and bran on phytate degradation and minerals in rice bread.
Rice bread is a tasty and nutritious food that is a good dietary source of minerals for people who cannot tolerate wheat bread and has phytate-to-zinc molar ratios between 5 and 10, which suggest medium zinc bioavailability. Expand
Starch properties of mutant rice high in resistant starch.
The RS content in the hot cooked rice of mutant RS111 was significantly higher than that of the wild type and common rice and, correspondingly, in vitro starch hydrolysis by porcine pancreatic alpha-amylase tends to be incomplete with low hydrolytic extent for the cooked mutant rice high in RS. Expand
Springiness of Pancake and Its Relation to Binding of Prime Starch to Tailings in Stored Wheat Flour
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Satiety from rice-based, wheat-based and rice–pulse combination preparations
Results suggest that consumption of high protein, high fibre and foods with greater water/volume leading to low energy density may be effective in delaying the return of hunger. Expand
Comparative structure and physicochemical properties of Ilpumbyeo, a high-quality japonica rice, and its mutant, Suweon 464.
Although a new rice mutant Suweon 464 may not be desirable for cooked rice, the mutant could be an excellent candidate for other processed food products on the basis of its unusual properties of starch and high fiber, protein, and lipid contents. Expand
Multiple Measurements of Physical Properties of Individual Cooked Rice Grains with a Single Apparatus
ABSTRACT Multiple measurements of physical properties of cooked rice grains were applied to 55 rice samples with waxy to high amylose contents using a single apparatus (Tensipresser). The multipleExpand
Distribution of free amino acids in the rice kernel and kernel fractions and the effect of water soaking on the distribution
The distribution of free amino acids within the milled-rice kernel was determined using the flours prepared consecutively by abrasive milling from the outer to the inner layers of the kernel. AllExpand