Palaeontological evidence for an Oligocene divergence between Old World monkeys and apes

  title={Palaeontological evidence for an Oligocene divergence between Old World monkeys and apes},
  author={N. Stevens and E. R. Seiffert and P. O'Connor and E. Roberts and M. Schmitz and C. Krause and E. Gorscak and Sifa Ngasala and T. Hieronymus and J. Temu},
  • N. Stevens, E. R. Seiffert, +7 authors J. Temu
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Apes and Old World monkeys are prominent components of modern African and Asian ecosystems, yet the earliest phases of their evolutionary history have remained largely undocumented. The absence of crown catarrhine fossils older than ∼20 million years (Myr) has stood in stark contrast to molecular divergence estimates of ∼25–30 Myr for the split between Cercopithecoidea (Old World monkeys) and Hominoidea (apes), implying long ghost lineages for both clades. Here we describe the oldest known… CONTINUE READING
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