Palaearctic species of the Spathius exarator species group (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae) with entirely sculptured mesopleuron.

  title={Palaearctic species of the Spathius exarator species group (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae) with entirely sculptured mesopleuron.},
  author={Sergey A. Belokobylskij and Konstantin G Samartsev},
  volume={3900 4},
The Palaearctic species of the S. exarator species group of the genus Spathius Nees with entirely sculptured mesopleuron are discussed. Four new species, Spathius austriacus sp. nov., S. intercontinentalis sp. nov., S. pseudodentatus sp. nov., and S. sculptipleurum sp. nov., are described and illustrated. Spathius curvicaudis Ratzeburg, 1944 treated here as junior synonym of S. erythrocephalus Wesmael, 1838 (syn. nov.) The key for determination of the Palaearctic species of this group with… 

An Annotated Catalogue of the Iranian Doryctinae and Exothecinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

This catalogue includes information about species diversity of two Braconidae subfamilies Doryctinae and Exothecinae from Iran and two species, Rhaconotus pictipennis and Colastes lustator, are recorded from Iran for the first time.

Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Braconidae

Of the 1,338 species regarded as valid, presumed native and certainly identified, 83 are here recorded for the first time from the British Isles.



The genus Spathius Nees (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Doryctinae) in Mexico: occurrence of a highly diverse Old World taxon in the Neotropics

Two new species of the parasitoid wasp genus Spathius Nees (Braconidae: Doryctinae) from Mexico are described and illustrated, and represent the second and third described species of this highly diverse Old World genus in the Neotropics.

The species of the genus Spathius Nees, 1818 (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae) not included in the monograph by Nixon (1943)

The next species of Spathius from the several groups of species are redescribed and/or introduced into Nixon’s (1943) key to facilitate correct determination.

A New Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) Parasitoid Species of Spathius Nees (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae) from the Russian Far East and South Korea

Molecular evidence supports that Russian and Korean specimens represent a single species and are closely related to two Asian species that belong to the S. exarator species group.

Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of the cosmopolitan parasitic wasp subfamily Doryctinae (Hymenoptera:Braconidae)

The divergence time estimates suggest that diversification in the subfamily Doryctinae could have in part occurred as a result of continental break-up events that took place in the southern hemisphere, though more recent dispersal events account for the current distribution of several widespread taxa.

Family Braconidae, subfamily Braconinae (Continuation) and Sigalphinae

Monographie des braconides de Belgique.