Pair territoriality of wintering stonechats : behaviour, function and hormones

  title={Pair territoriality of wintering stonechats : behaviour, function and hormones},
  author={Eberhard Gwinner and Thomas R{\"o}dl and Hubert G. Schwabl},
  journal={Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology},
Migratory stonechats (Saxicola torquata) spend the winter in the northern Negev desert in Israel. After arrival in October most birds defend territories throughout the winter either as heterosexual pairs or as single birds. In this population we examined: (1) aggressive behaviour of pairs; (2) the functional significance of pair territoriality; and (3) hormonal correlates of territorial behaviour. Pairs were aggressive towards both conspecific intruders and stonechat dummies, particularly in… CONTINUE READING


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