Pair-correlation ansatz for the ground state of interacting bosons in an arbitrary one-dimensional potential

  title={Pair-correlation ansatz for the ground state of interacting bosons in an arbitrary one-dimensional potential},
  author={Przemyslaw Ko'scik and Arkadiusz Kuro's and Adam Pieprzycki and Tomasz Sowi'nski},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
We derive and describe a very accurate variational scheme for the ground state of the system of a few ultra-cold bosons confined in one-dimensional traps of arbitrary shapes. It is based on assumption that all inter-particle correlations have two-body nature. By construction, the proposed ansatz is exact in the noninteracting limit, exactly encodes boundary conditions forced by contact interactions, and gives full control on accuracy in the limit of infinite repulsions. We show its efficiency… Expand

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