Paint It Black: Black Blocs, Tute Bianche and Zapatistas in the Anti-globalization Movement

  title={Paint It Black: Black Blocs, Tute Bianche and Zapatistas in the Anti-globalization Movement},
  author={Claudio Albertani},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={579 - 595}
More than 50 years ago, George Orwell wrote that a society turns totalitarian when its structures become openly artiŽcial, that is, when the ruling class can hold on to power only by force and deceit. Such a society can neither afford to be tolerant nor allow a truthful account of events. Today, Big Brother rules everywhere and Žghting its lies is proving more difŽcult than it was in Orwell’s time. We had one example of it on the occasion of the demonstrations against the G8, the summit meeting… 

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