Painless stress fractures in diabetic neuropathic feet.

  title={Painless stress fractures in diabetic neuropathic feet.},
  author={Geoffrey V. Gill and Susan J. Benbow and S Tesfaye and Edward Kaczmarczyk and Laurie Kaye},
  journal={Postgraduate medical journal},
  volume={73 858},
We describe two patients with diabetes mellitus and associated neuropathy, who presented with painless foot swelling and no history of trauma. X-Rays revealed recent underlying fractures-in one of a metatarsus, and the other of a proximal phalanx. These were assumed to be 'stress' fractures unassociated with pain because of the severe sensory neuropathy. Though spontaneous fractures in neuropathic feet have been previously described, they almost always occur in association with Charcot joints… CONTINUE READING