[Painless myocardial ischemia. Comparison of 2 groups of patients with a positive exercise test after myocardial infarction].


Myocardial ischemia usually presents with chest pain, the characteristics of which are well known. However, anginal pain may be absent during true ischemia, an entity known as painless or silent myocardial ischemia. Does this type of ischemia have special clinical, angiographic or ergometric characteristics after posterior myocardial infarction (MI)? In order to answer this question 183 consecutive patients with recent posterior MI who had undergone coronary angiography and who had positive exercise stress tests on bicycle ergometers were separated into two groups depending on whether they had experienced at least one episode of pain after the acute phase of myocardial infarction or during the exercise stress test (Group S: 83 patients, average age 54 +/- 10 years) or not (Group A: 100 patients, average 54 +/- 8 years). The following parameters were commoner in Group A: cigarette smoking, heart rate and load developed during exercise stress testing provoking electrical signs of ischemia, single vessel disease on coronary angiography, long-term medical treatment. On the other hand, the following parameters were statistically more frequent in Group S: hypercholesterolemia, preinfarction angina, degree of ST depression during exercise testing, reperfusion of the distal vessels of the occluded artery responsible for the infarct by a collateral circulation, triple vessel disease and surgical treatment. However long-term follow-up (average 3 years) shows that mortality and recurrence of MI are similar in both groups.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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