Pain insensitivity in the relatives of schizophrenia patients.

  title={Pain insensitivity in the relatives of schizophrenia patients.},
  author={Jill M Hooley and Margarita L Delgado},
  journal={Schizophrenia research},
  volume={47 2-3},
The psychiatric literature contains anecdotal reports of diminished pain sensitivity in schizophrenia that date back to Kraepelin. Yet, the phenomenon of pain insensitivity in schizophrenia remains largely unstudied. For example, it is not clear if pain insensitivity is a consequence of the illness or if it is also present in the well relatives of schizophrenia patients. To explore this issue, we examined pain thresholds and pain tolerances in healthy young adults. Compared with controls with… CONTINUE READING

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