Pain impairs consolidation, but not acquisition or retrieval of a declarative memory

  title={Pain impairs consolidation, but not acquisition or retrieval of a declarative memory},
  author={Mayla K Lazzarim and Adriano D. S. Targa and Natalia Fantin Sardi and Gabriela R Hack and Gl{\'a}ucia Tobaldini and Bruno Jacson Martynhak and Luana Fischer},
  journal={Behavioural Pharmacology},
  pages={707 - 715}
Among the physical conditions that impair memory performance, pain is one of the most prevalent. However, the mechanisms by which pain impairs memory are largely unknown. In this study, we asked whether pain affects memory acquisition, consolidation and retrieval as well as whether memory impairment depends on pain intensity. Wistar rats received a hind paw injection of formalin (1%) at different phases of object recognition test. The injection of formalin after training but not before training… 



Sustained attention deficits in rats with chronic inflammatory pain

Memory Functions in Chronic Pain: Examining Contributions of Attention and Age to Test Performance

It is indicated that chronic pain significantly affects memory performance, and part of this effect may be caused by underlying attentional dysfunction, although this could not fully explain the observed memory decline.

Disruption of Attention and Working Memory Traces in Individuals with Chronic Pain

Findings point to a specific cognitive mechanism, the maintenance of the memory trace, that is affected by chronic pain during task performance, and Cognitive function was not improved by short-term local analgesia.

Effect of morphine on the persistence of long-term memory in rats

An inhibitory role for opioid receptors in memory persistence is indicated, relevant from both the experimental and clinical point of views, since it may have implications for the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Modulatory Role of Orexin 1 Receptor in CA1 on Orofacial Pain-induced Learning and Memory Deficits in Rats

Investigation of the possible role of CA1-hippocampal OX1R on spatial learning and memory of rats following capsaicin-induced orofacial pain indicated that CA1 Ox1R may be involved in modulation of capsaicIn –induced spatial learningand memory impairment.

Memory Impairment and Reduced Exploratory Behavior in Mice after Administration of Systemic Morphine

The observations suggest that morphine induces impairments in spatial short-term memory and retrieval, and reduces exploratory behavior, but that these effects are not because of overall changes in locomotion or anxiety.

The impact of pain upon cognition: What have rodent studies told us?

  • L. Low
  • Biology, Psychology
  • 2013