Pain effects of glutamate injections into human jaw or neck muscles.

  title={Pain effects of glutamate injections into human jaw or neck muscles.},
  author={Peter Svensson and Kelun Wang and Lars Arendt-Nielsen and Brian Edwin Cairns and Barry J. Sessle},
  journal={Journal of orofacial pain},
  volume={19 2},
AIMS To document and compare the intensity, localization, and quality of pain evoked by glutamate injections into the human masseter or splenius muscles and to determine the effect of glutamate-evoked pain on the pressure pain thresholds (PPTs) in both jaw and neck muscles. METHODS Twenty-six healthy men were given painful injections of glutamate (1.0 mol/L) and control injections of isotonic saline (0.165 mol/L) into the masseter and splenius muscles. The subjects rated the perceived… CONTINUE READING
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