Pain and women's satisfaction with the experience of childbirth: a systematic review.

  title={Pain and women's satisfaction with the experience of childbirth: a systematic review.},
  author={Ellen D. Hodnett},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={186 5 Suppl Nature},
  • E. Hodnett
  • Published 1 May 2002
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • American journal of obstetrics and gynecology

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Factors related to childbirth satisfaction.
Personal control during childbirth was an important factor related to the women's satisfaction with the childbirth experience and helping women to increase their personal control during labour and birth may increase the women’s childbirth satisfaction.
More in hope than expectation: a systematic review of women's expectations and experience of pain relief in labour
The aim was to systematically review the empirical literature on women's expectations and experiences of pain and pain relief during labour, as well as their involvement in the decision-making process, to ensure that pregnant women are appropriately prepared for labour.
Predictive factors of women’s subjective perception of childbirth experience: a systematic review of the literature
Several risk factors can be identified through pregnancy or childbirth, and underlines the importance of the quality of maternal interpersonal and professional relationships, especially with first-line perinatal health-care professionals, such as midwives.
Childbirth memory processing and perception of pain : the role of adult attachment
This thesis contains two parts; a literature review and a research report. The literature review investigates current understandings of the psychological aspects of childbirth pain. Following a
Predictors of women's perceptions of the childbirth experience.
Of the 20 predictors of women's childbirth perceptions, most were amenable to nursing interventions: enhancement of patient awareness, relaxation, and control; promotion of partner support; and provision of immediate opportunities for women to be with their babies.
Women ’ s experiences of coping with pain during childbirth : a critical review
(2015) Women's experiences of coping with pain during childbirth: A critical review of qualitative research. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be
Jordanian mother's report of their childbirth experience: findings from a questionnaire survey.
  • Arwa I Oweis
  • Psychology, Medicine
    International journal of nursing practice
  • 2009
Findings of the study indicated that women had a more painful labour than they expected, they were scared of the experience of labour, they went through different procedures during labour including induction and episiotomy, and perceived that they had an intense childbirth experience.


Satisfaction in childbirth and perceptions of personal control in pain relief during labour.
The key finding of this study indicates that feelings of personal control influenced positively the women's satisfaction with pain relief during labour.
Expectations, experiences, and psychological outcomes of childbirth: a prospective study of 825 women.
High expectations were not found to be bad for women, although low expectations often were, and information and feeling in control were consistently associated with positive psychological outcomes.
The childbirth experience: a study of 295 new mothers.
It is shown that negative and positive feelings can coexist, thus confirming the multidimensional character of the birth experience, and women's assessment of their childbirth is influenced by both physical and psychosocial factors, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to care in labor.
Satisfaction with childbirth: theories and methods of measurement.
Methodologic issues involved in measuring satisfaction with childbirth are discussed, including themes and categories that contributed to understanding why some women are satisfied and others dissatisfied with the birth experience.
Maternal satisfaction with labour analgesia.
  • A. Ross
  • Medicine
    Bailliere's clinical obstetrics and gynaecology
  • 1998
Analgesia issues still do not figure prominently in the overall satisfaction of the birthing process for the vast majority of women, despite the availability of and demand for improved methods of relief.
Caregiver support for women during childbirth.
  • E. Hodnett
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
  • 2000
Continuous support during labour from caregivers (nurses, midwives or lay people) appears to have a number of benefits for mothers and their babies and there do not appear to be any harmful effects.
The components of women's satisfaction with maternity care.
Items relative to the delivery process such as pain intensity, complications, and length of labor were the most important for the delivery experience itself and participation in the decision-making process was the first component of satisfaction with medical care.