Pain and somatosensory dysfunction in acute herpes zoster.

  title={Pain and somatosensory dysfunction in acute herpes zoster.},
  author={Maija L Haanp{\"a}{\"a} and Pekka Laippala and T. Nurmikko},
  journal={The Clinical journal of pain},
  volume={15 2},
OBJECTIVE To determine the nature of sensory change and its association with pain and allodynia in acute herpes zoster. DESIGN Prospective clinical study. PATIENTS One hundred thirteen immunocompetent patients with acute herpes zoster. METHODS Onset, intensity, and quality of pain and severity of rash were recorded. Quantitative somatosensory testing for tactile and thermal thresholds, qualitative pinprick testing, and testing of dynamic and static allodynia were performed within the… CONTINUE READING
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