Pain and satisfaction after hip replacement: The patients perspective at 5 - 12 years.


We present the results of a postal evaluation of 1700 hip replacements performed in 1560 patients at a specialist joint replacement centre. This 5 12 year follow-up assesses the patients perspective of satisfaction, pain levels, revision and dislocation rates, subjective issues related to the prosthetic hip and limitations to daily activities. Our adjusted response rate was 81.4%, with 89.2% of the respondents being satisfied with their hip replacement; 4.1% were dissatisfied, and 5.0% were unsure. 79% of patients reported no pain or slight pain, 14.5% had moderate pain and 2.6% had severe pain. 4.6% of the hip replacements had been revised, and 4.1% had dislocated. The hip was felt to be a limiting factor in their life by 18.4% of patients. The use of a questionnaire has provided long-term follow-up data at far less cost and considerably less inconvenience to the patient than a clinical review. We conclude that pain and patient satisfaction could be used as a simple screening tool for the vast majority of the patients. In those that have moderate or severe pain or express a lack of satisfaction for any reason, further clinical and radiological assessments could be carried out. (Hip International 2005; 15: 112-8).

DOI: 10.5301/HIP.2008.2998

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@article{Metha2005PainAS, title={Pain and satisfaction after hip replacement: The patients perspective at 5 - 12 years.}, author={Jeet Metha and S Kiryluk and Moira Fordyce}, journal={Hip international : the journal of clinical and experimental research on hip pathology and therapy}, year={2005}, volume={15 2}, pages={112-118} }