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Pahari and Pothwari: A sociolinguistic survey

  title={Pahari and Pothwari: A sociolinguistic survey},
  author={Michael Lothers and Laura Lothers},
Multidimensionality of tone in Pahari
The current study investigated the contribution of different acoustic dimensions to tonal contrasts in Pahari, an understudied language in the Pakistan-administrated part of Kashmir. While previousExpand
Sacred language acquisition in superdiverse contexts
Abstract This article presents and discusses data which reveal the multilingual contexts of contemporary UK mosque schools offering Muslim children liturgical (Qur’anic) literacy acquisition. ItExpand
Transnational Literacies as Social Remittances: The Role of Language Ideologies in Shaping Migrants’ Online Literacies
It is now twenty years since the term ‘social remittances’ was taken up to capture the notion that migration involves the circulation of ideas, practices, identities, and social capital betweenExpand
A typological study of Voice Onset Time (VOT) in Indo-Iranian languages
Investigating whether Voice Onset Time reliably differentiates the word-initial stop laryngeal categories and how it covaries with different places of articulation in ten languages indicated that there was a clear VOT distinction between the voiceless unaspirated and voiceless aspirated stops. Expand
Challenging the discursive positioning of young British Muslims through the multilingual performance of devotional song and poetry
ABSTRACT This article presents data which challenge current hegemonic discourses in public and media spaces which reductively position young British Muslims as linguistically problematic. FramingExpand
Globalisation, the practice of devotional songs and poems and the linguistic repertoires of young British Muslims
Abstract This article provides empirical data from transnational religious contexts which highlight the complexity, fluidity and indexicality of language and religious practices in globalisingExpand
Linguistic diversity, vitality and maintenance : A case study on the language situation in northern Pakistan
The multilingual and multicultural region of northern Pakistan, which has approximately 30 distinct languages, is described and evaluated from the perspective of language vitality, revealing the diExpand
The role of Muslim devotional practices in the reversal of language shift
ABSTRACT Fishman’s scale for evaluating language vitality proposes a stage in language shift where exclusively the older generation takes part in ‘rituals’, ‘concerts’ and ‘songfests’ in the minorityExpand
Assessing the Quality of Persian Translation of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four Based on House's Model: Overt-covert Translation Distinction
This study aimed to assess the quality of Persian translation of Orwell's (1949) Nineteen Eighty-Four by Balooch (2004) based on House's (1997) model of translation quality assessment. To do so,Expand


The Lahndi language
Mirpuri immigrants in England: A sociolinguistic survey
More than half a million Mirpuri people, originally from northeast Pakistan, now live in England. Mirpuri immigrants in the UK are primarily located in Yorkshire. This survey uses questionnaires andExpand
I Don't Understand
Herfa na dil bole
  • Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Neelab Printers.
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Pehli tibi imdad
  • (Translation of a portion of “Where there is no doctor” by David Werner). Rawalpindi: Sang Publisher.
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First Pothwari/Pahari Qaida (title in Perso-Arabic script)
  • Jhelum Pakistan: Praala Publisher and Chitka Committee.
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Run jackal run
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Tahara ni ag
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  • 2002