Pacta Sunt Servanda

  title={Pacta Sunt Servanda},
  author={Hans Wehberg},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
  pages={775 - 786}
  • H. Wehberg
  • Published 1 October 1959
  • Political Science
  • American Journal of International Law
Few rules for the ordering of Society have such a deep moral and religious influence as the principle of the sanctity of contracts: Pacta sunt servanda. In ancient times, this principle was developed in the Bast by the Chaldeans, the Egyptians and the Chinese in a noteworthy way. According to the view of these peoples, the national gods of each party took part in the formation of the contract. The gods were, so to speak, the guarantors of the contract and they threatened to intervene against… 
Article 26. Pacta sunt servanda
Art 26 restates the pillar of treaty law and the pivotal key to international law: pacta sunt servanda. Considering its significance, the provision is not too prominently placed in Part III of the
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References to contract theories are usual in the discussion about judicial adjustment of contracts. The paper analyzes the arguments about "classical contract theory", reconstructing its thesis and


The Meaning and the Range of the Norm Pacta Sunt Servanda
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The norm pacta sunt servanda, which has constituted “since times immemorial the axiom, postulate and categorical imperative of the science of international law” and has very rarely been denied on
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