Packing of graphs - a survey

  title={Packing of graphs - a survey},
  author={Hian Poh Yap},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
Suppose Gi, G2, . . . , Gk are graphs of order at most n. We say that there is a packing of Gi, G2, . . . , G, into the complete graph K,, if there exist injections q : V(G,)+ V(K,), i = 1, 2, . . . , k such that aT(E(Gi)) fl (Y/*(E(G~)) = $ for i #j, where the map ar: : E(G,)-+ E(K,) . IS induced by a;. Similarly, suppose G is a graph of order m and H is a graph of order n 2 m and there exists an injection (Y: V(G)+ V(H) such that a*(E(G)) fl E(H) = $, then we say that there is a packing of G… CONTINUE READING


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