Packing for Perth: The Growth of a Southern African Diaspora

  title={Packing for Perth: The Growth of a Southern African Diaspora},
  author={Eric Louw and G. M. Mersham},
  journal={Asian and Pacific Migration Journal},
  pages={303 - 333}
  • E. LouwG. Mersham
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • Political Science
  • Asian and Pacific Migration Journal
Southern African decolonization, the civil war and post-apartheid turmoil are creating a Southern African diaspora across the Anglo world. Australia has become a popular destination within this diaspora that South Africans now refer to emigration in general as “packing for Perth.” Thus far, little work has been done on this migratory phenomenon. This article seeks to develop an overview of the birth and developments of this diaspora, with a focus on the growth of the South African Australian… 

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The War for Africa: twelve months that transformed a continent by Fred Bridgland Gibraltar, Ashanti Publishing, 1991. Pp. viii + 403.

a third of whom were still its citizens (p. 65). Living in the only former colony with a significant residual German population, this particular group has had an international significance (during

[South Africa].

  • E. Windisch
  • Education
    Osterreichische Krankenpflegezeitschrift
  • 1976
Central to the transformation vision was the establishment of a single national coordinated system that would meet the individual needs of citizens and the reconstruction and development needs of the country.

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