Packet scheduling in multicamera capture systems


In multiview video services, multiple cameras acquire the same scene from different perspectives, which results in correlated video streams. This generates large amounts of highly redundant data, which need to be properly handled during encoding and transmission of the multi-view data. In this work, we study coding and transmission strategies in multicamera sets, where correlated sources need to be sent to a central server through a bottleneck channel, and eventually delivered to interactive clients. We propose a dynamic correlation-aware packet scheduling optimization under delay, bandwidth, and interactivity constraints. A novel trellis-based solution permits to formally decompose the multivariate optimization problem, thereby significantly reducing the computation complexity. Simulation results show the gain of the proposed algorithm compared to baseline scheduling policies.

DOI: 10.1109/VCIP.2014.7051575

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@article{Toni2014PacketSI, title={Packet scheduling in multicamera capture systems}, author={Laura Toni and Thomas Maugey and Pascal Frossard}, journal={2014 IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing Conference}, year={2014}, pages={338-341} }