Packet Radio in the Amateur Service

  title={Packet Radio in the Amateur Service},
  author={P. Karn and H. Price and R. Diersing},
  journal={IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun.},
During the past several years there has been much activity in the development of networking hardware and software for personal computers. At the same time the amateur radio community has been equally active in the development of networking equipment and procedures especially suited for radio circuits. Although the initial efforts have been with terrestrial circuits, experimentation with and development of satellite-based systems is well underway. While we are aware of the many commercial and… Expand
Packet radio in the Amateur Satellite Service
A review of the satellite-based packet radio activities taking place in the Amateur Radio Service is presented. Five projects are discussed. The Digital Communications Experiment (DCE) onExpand
Performance evaluation and comparison of the R-ISA multiaccess protocol for packet radio
The R-ISA (radio-net-independent stations algorithm) access protocol has been developed and used to support effectively the interconnection of several PCs or workstations to a service station on aExpand
Protocols for Adaptive Wireless and Mobile Networking
A status report of the current work in the Monarch Project is given, placing it in the context of broader efforts by the Internet mobile networking community. Expand
Future directions in packet radio architectures and protocols
The technology of packet switching over multihop, multiple-access channels has evolved to the point at which its protocols can now support internetwork operation of medium-size networks whose nodesExpand
Factors Having Influence upon Efficiency of an Integrated Wired-Wireless Network
The paper considers the problem of an integration of the wired and wireless network segments and results have been achieved in an experimental Packet Radio network and compared to the theoretical estimations. Expand
Implementation of APRS Network Using LoRa Modulation Based KISS TNC
  • J. Matondang, Yudi Adityawarman
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 International Conference on Radar, Antenna, Microwave, Electronics, and Telecommunications (ICRAMET)
  • 2018
This paper proposes using LoRa as a modem choice for APRS and the implementation of a KISS TNC based on LoRa, which can be easily integrated with the existing APRS Internet Service network infrastructure. Expand
Evaluation of a DTN convergence layer for the AX.25 network protocol
Initial results appear to indicate that the current prototype of the AX.25 Link Access Protocol for Amateur Packet Radio can be up to 25 percent more efficient than using the Linux TCP/IP over AX. 25 implementation in certain circumstances. Expand
The Interconnection of Tactical Packet Radio Networks and BISDN
The design methodology and processes involved in specifying the architecture of aTactical Packet Radio Network and its associated gateway to broadband infrastructure are described and a well tested specification for the implementation of a TPRN gateway is verified. Expand
The eXtended Satellite Transport Protocol: Its Design and Evaluation
This paper proposes grafting a new probing mechanism in STP to make it more responsive to the prevailing error conditions in the network, which would result in handsome gains in both the connection’s effective throughput and its energy efficiency. Expand
Truly seamless wireless and mobile host networking. Protocols for adaptive wireless and mobile networking
An inexpensive protocol and application programming interface (API) is developed for notifying higher layers when the quality of a mobile host's network connection changes as it moves between different locations, possibly including changes in the type of network in use at each location. Expand


town, NJ. He has 1 where his current il systems, and orbital
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Price received the B.S. degree in computer science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
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    town, NJ. He has 1 where his current il systems
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