• Chemistry
  • Published 2005

Packaging system for washing or cleaning agents

  title={Packaging system for washing or cleaning agents},
  author={Wolfgang Barthel and Salvatore Filaccia and Pavel Gentschev and Christian Nitsch and Ulrich Pegelow and Ulf-Arno Timmann},
Packaging systems for laundry detergent or cleanser comprising a) a primary packaging system (in the form of a number n)> 2 of water-insoluble bag, each of said bag a number (x) contains> 2 wash or cleanser; such as b) a secondary packaging system in the form of a water-insoluble bag which the (n) contains water-insoluble bags of the primary packaging system; are suitable for increasing the stability of the washing or Reinigungsmittelsdosiereinheiten contained.