Packaging of Thick Membranes using a Multi-Spiral Folding Approach: Flat and Curved Surfaces

  title={Packaging of Thick Membranes using a Multi-Spiral Folding Approach: Flat and Curved Surfaces},
  author={Victor Parque and Wataru Suzaki and Satoshi Miura and Ayako Torisaka and Tomoyuki Miyashita and M. C. Natori},

Wrapping Deployment Simulation Analysis of Leaf-Inspired Membrane Structures

It is found that adding creases reduces the folded height but the development performance gets worse, and there is a balance between the folding ratio and development performance when the additional creases are added.

Solar sail with inflatable toroidal shell

In the framework of a strict mathematical approach based on classical theory of elasticity we present an idea of the deployment and stretching of the circular solar sail attached to the inflatable

An Efficient Scheme for the Generation of Ordered Trees in Constant Amortized Time

  • V. ParqueT. Miyashita
  • Computer Science
    2021 15th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM)
  • 2021
This paper presents an algebraic scheme to generate ordered trees with $n$ vertices with utmost efficiency; whereby the approach uses $O$ (n) space and (1) time in average per tree.

On a Class of Polar Log-Aesthetic Curves

  • V. Parque
  • Mathematics
    Volume 3B: 47th Design Automation Conference (DAC)
  • 2021
This paper proposes the closed-form analytic characterizations of polar log-aesthetic curves meeting user-defined criteria of curvature profiles and dynamics of polar tangential angles and enables the seamless characterization of aesthetic curves in the polar co-ordinate system.



Modelling of Facilely Deployable Folding/Wrapping Method of Circular Flat Membranes by using Origami. Foldings in Radial Direction and Wrapping by Archimedean Spiral Arrangement.

The purpose of this paper is to present new compact folding/wrapping patterns of flat circular membranes facilely deployable, which have been concerned with the design of a solar sail in space. By

Multi-layered membrane structures with curved creases for smooth packaging and deployment

A design for a deployable multi-layered membrane structure that uses a curved crease pattern to enable smooth wrapping around a spool and it is found that the deployment force for unwrapping is significantly higher than for unfolding.

Modelling of Compact Folding/Wrapping of Flat Circular Membranes : Folding Patterns of Equiangular Spirals

We describe the folding/wrapping methods of thin flat circular membranes using folding patterns prescribed by combining two groups of spirals. By using both folding conditions at nodes and continuous

Centrifugal Deployment of Membrane with Spiral Folding: Experiment and Simulation

Centrifugal deployment dynamics of hexagonal membranes stowed with spiral folding are investigated. The centrifugal deployment has a possibility of unfolding large membranes without using extendable

Accommodating Thickness in Origami-Based Deployable Arrays

The purpose of this work is to create deployment systems with a large ratio of stowed-to-deployed diameter. Deployment from a compact form to a final flat state can be achieved through

Deployment and Retraction Mechanisms for Spinning Solar Sail Membrane

The deployment and retraction mechanisms for two-dimensional deployable membrane for spinning solar sail are proposed in this paper using wrapping fold for polygonal membrane with tensile forces. The

Systematically Creased Thin-Film Membrane Structures

This paper presents a study of a square membrane, creased according to the Miura-ori folding pattern. When the membrane is allowed to expand from its packaged configuration, it initially expands

Inextensional Packaging of Thin Shell Slit Reflectors

Carbon-fibre-reinforced-plastic reflector antennas based on a thin shell that is folded elastically have been recently developed; this paper presents a new concept for packaging reflectors of this