Pacifying monogamy

  title={Pacifying monogamy},
  author={Nils-Petter Lagerloef},
  journal={Journal of Economic Growth},
  • Nils-Petter Lagerloef
  • Published 2010
  • Journal of Economic Growth
  • This paper proposes a theory of institutionally imposed monogamy. In a society where many women are allocated to the elite, there are high returns for the non-elite men to rebel. Monogamy, or “constrained” polygyny, can pacify non-elite men, and thus serve the elite’s reproductive interests. The more unequal is the society, the stricter constraints the elite want to impose on themselves. This suggests how monogamy might have arisen in response to rising class cleavages, e.g., in the wake of the… CONTINUE READING
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