PVTx study of binary system R22/R152a with Burnett method

  title={PVTx study of binary system R22/R152a with Burnett method},
  author={Zhijun Su and Baocheng Jiang and Jialu Yan and Mingshan Zhu and Lizhong Han and Yi-Dong Fu},
  journal={Journal of Thermal Science},
This paper reports the PVTx properties of R22/R152a system in the ranges of temperature from 298.15 K to 353.15 K and pressure from 0.288 MPa to 1.288 MPa. Sixty seven PVTx measurements for three compositions, i.e., 0.2712, 0.4094 and 0.7911 mole fraction of R22, have been measured along 16 isotherms. The uncertainties of temperature and pressure measurements are less than 0.01 K and ±500 Pa respectively. The reliability of the experimental measurements is confirmed by using REFPROP program, a… Expand
Experimental Research on the Vapor Pressure and Critical Parameters of Ethyl Fluoride (HFC-161)
ABSTRACT He, N.; Jiang, T., and Zhang, L., 2018. Experimental research on the vapor pressure and critical parameters of ethyl fluoride (HFC-161). In: Liu, Z.L. and Mi, C. (eds.), Advances inExpand