PV Forecasting Using Support Vector Machine Learning in a Big Data Analytics Context

  title={PV Forecasting Using Support Vector Machine Learning in a Big Data Analytics Context},
  author={S. Preda and S. Oprea and Adela B{\^a}ra and Anda Belciu},
Renewable energy systems (RES) are reliable by nature; the sun and wind are theoretically endless resources. From the beginnings of the power systems, the concern was to know “how much” energy will be generated. Initially, there were voltmeters and power meters; nowadays, there are much more advanced solar controllers, with small displays and built-in modules that handle big data. Usually, large photovoltaic (PV)-battery systems have sophisticated energy management strategies in order to… Expand
Ultra-short-term forecasting for photovoltaic power plants and real-time key performance indicators analysis with big data solutions. Two case studies - PV Agigea and PV Giurgiu located in Romania
A methodology that automatically collects the data logs from sensors installed on PV arrays, inverters and weather stations, checks the health status of the PV components, forecasts the generated power for each inverter based on its real operating conditions and the predicted irradiance and finally provides useful insights of the solar energy system based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using big data technologies is proposed. Expand
Data analysis of a monitored building using machine learning and optimization of integrated photovoltaic panel, battery and electric vehicles in a Central European climatic condition
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Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models for Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Power Production Forecasting
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