PUVA and cancer: a large-scale epidemiological study.

  title={PUVA and cancer: a large-scale epidemiological study.},
  author={Bernt Lindel{\"o}f and B{\'a}rður Sigurgeirsson and Eva Tegner and Olle Lark{\"o} and Anders Johannesson and Berit Berne and Ole B Christensen and Tommy Andersson and Marie T{\"o}rngren and Lars Molin},
  volume={338 8759},
There is concern about the long-term carcinogenic effects of psoralen and ultraviolet A radiation (PUVA) therapy for treatment of skin disorders. A study of 4799 Swedish patients (2343 males, 2056 females; mean age at first treatment 45.3 years, range 6-93; mean follow-up 6.9 years males, 7.2 years females) who received PUVA between 1974 and 1985 showed a dose-dependent increase in the risk of squamous cell cancer of the skin. Male patients who had received more than 200 treatments had over 30… CONTINUE READING
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