author={Cathy Cohen},
  journal={Sexual Identities, Queer Politics},
  • Cathy Cohen
  • Published 9 February 2021
  • Political Science
  • Sexual Identities, Queer Politics
On the eve of finishing this essay my attention is focused not on how to rework the conclusion (as it should he) hut instead on news stories of alleged racism at Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC). It seems that three hlack hoard memhers of this largest and oldest AIDS organization in the world have resigned over their perceived suhservient position on the GMHC hoard. Billy E. Jones, former head of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and one of the hoard memhers to quit, was quoted… 
Bisexuality, Slippery Slopes, and Multipartner Marriage
ABSTRACT This article explores the position of polyamory in slippery slope arguments directed against the campaign for same-sex marriage rights in the United States. In the rhetoric of right-wing
Nightwood as a way of life: queer aesthetics, capital, and sociality
ABSTRACT This essay takes up the question of sociality in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood. While the issue appears throughout the history of Barnes scholarship, a recurrent theme persists: Nightwood lacks a
Defining Ratchet: Ratchet and Boojie Politics in Black Queer Space
In the essay “‘Quare’ Studies, or (Almost) Everything I Know about Queer Studies I Learned from My Grandmother” E. P. Johnson provides an etymology and definition of the word quare, wherein,
Black Lives and Spatial Matters: Race-making and Resistance in Suburban St. Louis
Author(s): Rios, Jodi | Advisor(s): Small, Stephen | Abstract: ABSTRACTBLACK LIVES AND SPATIAL MATTERS:Race-making and Resistance in Suburban St. LouisByJodi Sheldon RiosDoctor of Philosophy in
Out of Time: Queer Temporalities in the Works of
of a dissertation at the University of Miami. Dissertation supervised by Professor Joel Nickels No. of pages in text. (163) Focusing on texts by Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes, and Langston Hughes, this
Black celebrities, reproductive justice and queering family: an exploration
“I Said What I Said”: Final Notes on Ratchet/Boojie Politics
  • Nikki Lane
  • Sociology
    The Black Queer Work of Ratchet
  • 2019
Hip-hop has a tremendous amount of influence within Black communities of practice. While not every Black person listens to hip-hop music regularly, or engages with its culture through fashion
Subjects of Trauma: The Decolonial Tactics of Self-Making and Self-Healing by Queer Xicana Feminist Teatristas
Author(s): Ramirez, Sara Alicia | Advisor(s): Alarcon, Norma; Perez, Laura E | Abstract: This dissertation is an interdisciplinary decolonial, queer women of color cultural analysis of Xicana
Disability, Debility, and Caring Queerly
As one approach to the left of queer, the authors explore the juncture between queer studies and disability studies. Queer disability studies offers ways of conceptualizing the world as relationally
Undisciplining the Black Pussy: Pleasure, Black Feminism, and Sexuality in Issa Rae’s insecure
Now is the time for more Black pussy theorizing. Black feminisms and Black sexuality studies are embracing the “nooks and crannies,” both discursive and material, of Black sexual cultures. Mireille


Must Identity Movements Self-Destruct? A Queer Dilemma
Drawing on debates in lesbian and gay periodicals and writings from and about post-structuralist “queer theory” and politics, this paper clarifies the meanings and distinctive politics of
The Politics of Queer Theory in the (Post)Modern Moment
Queer Theory is the most recent subversion of the rational: it rgues that in place of a Marxist "theoretics" (which alls for social transformation based on a conceptual knowledge of social totality)
A queer encounter: sociology and the study of sexuality
Cet article analyse l'ironie qui veut que la plupart des travaux tombant dans la rubrique « queer theory » et la sociologie entretiennent des rapports de suspicion mutuelle, malgre le role pionnier
" The Failure to Transform : Homophobia in the Black Community
  • " Contested Membership : Black Gay Identities and the Politics of AIDS . " Queer Theory / Sociology . Ed . S . Seidman
  • 1996