author={Alan J. Auerbach},
  journal={National Tax Journal},
  pages={519 - 526}
  • A. Auerbach
  • Published 1 December 1993
  • Economics
  • National Tax Journal
Illustrates challenges faced by economists involved in the tax policy process, with a focus on two central issues (revenue measurement and the distributional effect of proposed tax changes). 
Tax policy, economic efficiency and the principle of neutrality from a legal and economic perspective
Different tax systems are often, to a greater or lesser extent, de-signed according to the economist Adam Smith’s maxims regarding good taxes. One of these maxims could be described as economic eff
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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, fiscal policies become essential in combating the crisis effects on both the labour market and the business sector. Thus, finding the most effective
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with the study of the economic behavior of individuals in response to changes in tax rates and structure. Unfortunately, few of the findings are directly relevant to resolving tax issues in the
Aggregate Welfare Distortions and Foundations of Economic Policy
The basic objectives of any aggregate welfare program are threefold: efficiency, equity and stability. In this paper, I discuss how constraints are imposed in a natural way over these conditions such
Reunite Revenue and Expenditure Decisions
Decisions about government expenditures are increasingly made without regard to decisions about their financing. This disconnect has a negative impact on equity, efficiency, and transparency.
Instruments of Meeting Budget Deficit in Islamic Economy (Research Paper)
The present research sheds new lights on instruments for public resources mobilization that are based on Islamic principles of financing, rather than on principles of taxation.
The Evolution of Policy Ideas: Tax Policy in the 20th Century
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Decentralization and the Provision and Financing of Social Services : Concepts and Issues
This paper is the fruit of an attempt to distinguish the elements, present in a fiscal decentralization process, that are likely to contribute to efficiency enhancement in the provision of social