PTSD risk is associated with BDNF Val66Met and BDNF overexpression

  title={PTSD risk is associated with BDNF Val66Met and BDNF overexpression},
  author={Luoying Zhang and David M. Benedek and Carol S. Fullerton and R D Forsten and James A. Naifeh and Xiao Xue Li and X Z Hu and Hong Li and Miao-miao Jia and G Q Xing and K Nikki Benevides and Robert J. Ursano},
  journal={Molecular Psychiatry},
(rs146677388) was detected in 2 of 2184 genomes (both of African-American individuals) examined in the 1000 Genome Project (MAF1⁄4 0.09%). The segregation of V304I with psychiatric disease in the small US family is intriguing. The family is too small to reach a definitive conclusion about the etiologic role of NPAS3-V304I, and detection of the mutation in two individuals of unknown phenotype does not exclude an etiologic role. Nonetheless, the biological effects of valine to isoleucine… CONTINUE READING