[PTEN: a new target in inhibiting of tumor invasion and metastasis].


Invasion and metastasis are both the main biological characteristics in malignant tumor which are influence tumor therapeutic effect and prognosis. The tumor cells interact with vascular endothelial cells and cell matrix, penetrate vascular endothelial and degrade the extracellular matrix, and metastasis to the local and distant by the interactions of a variety of signaling molecules. PTEN protein has protein phosphatase and lipid phosphatase dual activity which is produced by PTEN gene. As a tumor suppressor gene, regulates the cell signal pathways to sustain the normal physiological functions, negatively regulates of tumor cell growth and cell cycle, induces apoptosis, and inhibits invasion, infiltrating and metastasis of tumor cells. This article is reviewed about how PTEN participates in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and metastasis.

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