author={Peter Lovell Broadhurst},
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  • P. L. Broadhurst
  • Published 1 July 1969
  • Psychology
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
The open-field test has played a long and honorable part in the relatively short history of comparative psychology, having now been in use for as much as 35 years. It is clear that, on the basis of recent work, it has now reached the status of one of the few widely used, relatively standardized instruments in animal psychology, the need for which has long been evident, but which has rarely been achieved. Thus, along with the Skinner box, escape-avoidance conditioning, and some of the… 
The open field as a test of emotionality
According to Broadhurst (1969), the open field "has now reached the status of one of the few widely used, relatively standardized instruments in animal psychology." Although the open field is the
Stress and emotionality: a multidimensional and genetic approach
Unpredictable and uncontrollable events: a new perspective on experimental neurosis.
The hypothesis is developed that the common thread running through the entire experimental neurosis literature is that in each case important life events become unpredictable or uncontrollable, or both.
Behavior genetic analysis of mouse emotionality. III. The diallel analysis
The findings indicate that the mode of inheritance for emotionality factors is polygenic and in the direction of complete dominance.
  • J. P. Scott
  • Psychology
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1973
To my mind, the most fruitful way of determining the basic and general fields of psychology is to employ the concept of levels of organization, which shows these levels and the corresponding branches of psychology.


A Note on Further Progress in a Psychogenetic Selection Experiment
Two-way selection for emotional defecation in the rat, using a revised and standardized version of Hzll's open-field test, was commenced in 1954 and has resulted in the establishment of the Maudsley
The Inheritance of Maze-Learning Ability in Rats.
The problem of this investigation might appear to be a matter of concern primarily for the geneticist. None the less, it is also one of very great interest to th» psychologist. For could we, as
Stability and change in the inheritance of behaviour in rats: a further analysis of statistics from a diallel cross
The results indicate that, while the stability of open-field defecation and ambulation is influenced during development by genetical determinants largely relating to dominance, there is little evidence of interaction with environment during this time.
Introduction to quantitative genetics
For the next few weeks the course is going to be exploring a field that’s actually older than classical population genetics, although the approach it’ll be taking to it involves the use of population genetic machinery.
Open-Field Behavior in Mice: Evidence for a Major Gene Effect Mediated by the Visual System
It was concluded that there is a major gene effect on the quantitative traits of open-field activity and defecation which is mediated by the visual system and that albino mice are more photophobic than pigmented mice under conditions of bright illumination.
Diallel analysis of litter size and body weight in rats
The following analysis of litter size and body weight in a diallel set of crosses among six inbred strains of rats show the value that this approach can have in practice.
Albinism and Water Escape Performance in the Mouse
Observation of six inbred strains of mice in a water escape test revealed that albino strains perform markedly slower than non-albinos strains, indicating that there is an association between the homozygous condition for albinism (cc) and slow performance in the water Escape test.
Experiments in psychogenetics: Applications of biometrical genetics to the inheritance of behaviour
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