PS. 151 IN 11QPSS

  title={PS. 151 IN 11QPSS},
  author={James A. Sanders},
In commentario suo in librum Oseae H. W. WOLFF aenigma matrimonii Oseae ita conatur solvere, ut elxl znunim (l 2) intelligat puellam, quae ex more tunc temporis vigente ante nuptias virginitatem numini obtulerat: Gomer non singulari quadam intentione sed prorsus communi consuetudine ductam fuisse, quare turn Oseae cum populo hoc modo inculcatum esse Israelis totum reatum. Pro thesi sua, talem nempe initiationis ritum tunc in Israel ubique de more fuisse, WOLFF provocat ad ROST et ad BOSTRÖM. At… 
Notes on the Text and Transmission of the Apocryphal Psalms 151, 154 (= Syr. II) and 155 (= Syr. III)
The Hebrew originals of the above-mentioned Psalms have been recently published by J. A. Sanders from a scroll containing approximately the last quarter of the Psalter which was found in the Eleventh
The History of the Biblical Text in the Light of Discoveries in the Judean Desert
  • F. Cross
  • History
    Harvard Theological Review
  • 1964
The publication in January, 1953, of fragments of an unknown recension of the Greek Bible gave the first unambiguous warnings of a revolution to come in the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible.
A Canon of Psalms in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Revisiting the Qumran Psalms Hypothesis
  • D. Davage
  • Philosophy
    Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture
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Ever since the discovery of the Dead Sea psalms scrolls and the initial analysis of 11Q5 by James A. Sanders, there has been discussion as to the shape of the ‘Book’ of Psalms in Qumran and how to