PROP1 coexists with SOX2 and induces PIT1-commitment cells.

  title={PROP1 coexists with SOX2 and induces PIT1-commitment cells.},
  author={Saishu Yoshida and Takako Kato and Takao Susa and Li-yi Cai and Michie Nakayama and Yukio Kato},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={385 1},
Prophet of PIT1 (PROP1) is a pituitary-specific factor and responsive gene for the combined pituitary hormone deficiency in Ames dwarf mice and human patients. Our immunohistochemical studies demonstrated that PROP1 is consistently expressed in SOX2-expressing stem/progenitor cells in the rat pituitary from embryonic (E) to postnatal periods. At E13.5, all the cells in Rathke's pouch, the primordium of the pituitary, express PROP1. Afterward, PROP1-positive cells localize along the marginal… CONTINUE READING

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