PRNP haplotype distribution in Moroccan goats.

  title={PRNP haplotype distribution in Moroccan goats.},
  author={Carmen Serrano and Mustapha Hammouchi and Ali Benomar and Jaber Lyahyai and Beatriz Ranera and Cristina Ac{\'i}n and M el Hamidi and Marta Monz{\'o}n and Juan Jos{\'e} Badiola and N S Tligui and Pilar Zaragoza and Inmaculada Martin-Burriel},
  journal={Animal genetics},
  volume={40 4},
Susceptibility/resistance to scrapie in sheep and goats is influenced by host prion protein gene (PRNP) genotype. In this study, we report the analysis of prion protein gene polymorphisms in 137 goats of two Moroccan populations: D'man and Chaouni. We found seven previously described amino acid polymorphisms at codons 37, 127, 137, 142, 154, 222 and 240, as well as three known silent mutations. In addition, we identified three new allelic variants: 101R and 139S in D'man goats and 145D in D'man… CONTINUE READING