PRISM: a data management system for high-throughput proteomics.

  title={PRISM: a data management system for high-throughput proteomics.},
  author={Gary R. Kiebel and Ken J Auberry and Navdeep Jaitly and David A. Clark and Matthew E. Monroe and Elena S. Peterson and Nikola Toli{\'c} and Gordon A. Anderson and Richard D. Smith},
  volume={6 6},
Advanced proteomic research efforts involving areas such as systems biology or biomarker discovery are enabled by the use of high level informatics tools that allow the effective analysis of large quantities of differing types of data originating from various studies. Performing such analyses on a large scale is not feasible without a computational platform that performs data processing and management tasks. Such a platform must be able to provide high-throughput operation while having… CONTINUE READING

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