PRINS Analysis of the Telomeric Sequence in Seven Lemurs

  title={PRINS Analysis of the Telomeric Sequence in Seven Lemurs},
  author={Yasuhiro Go and Gilbert Rakotoarisoa and Yoshi Kawamoto and Albert Randrianjafy and Naoki Koyama and Hirohisa Hirai},
  journal={Chromosome Research},
We examined the chromosomal localization of the telomeric sequence, (TTAGGG)n, in seven species of the lemurs and one greater galago, as an outgroup, using the primed in-situ labeling (PRINS) technique. As expected, the telomeric sequence was identified at both ends of all chromosomes of the eight prosimians. However, six species showed a signal at some pericentromeric regions involving constitutive heterochromatin as well. The pericentromeric region of chromosome 1 of Verreaux's sifaka… CONTINUE READING